When eye-wear gets powered by eye-care, you have an expert take on all your optical needs. With a mission to provide holistic eyecare services, CFS Vision, the optical brand of Center For Sight Group of Eye Hospitals is here to cater to every eye’s optical needs. 

Today, CFS Vision provides both world-class eye-care as well as speciality eye-wear across 50+ centres across Delhi/NCR, touching millions of lives.

CFS Vision believes that every eye deserves the best, and this is the reason it looks forward to a spectacular future of 500+ CFS Vision Stores in the next 5 years across the country.



CFS Vision brings in the best of both worlds under one roof. Let’s have a look at our comprehensive services, curated only for your eyes.

Ophthalmologists on board

Over 700,000+ people trust us with their eyes, annually!

Receive the best treatment available, from our eye specialists who have decades of experience and are experts of the latest diagnostic technology. 

When you need glasses or eye-related treatment, you can count on CFS Vision Ophthalmologists to provide you with the right optical care you require.

Fast & Hassle-free Services

Anything that brings convenience to you, makes it a hassle-free service.

With our Ophthalmologists in eye-care assisting your eye-wear needs at the same place, you have the perfect partner in giving your vision needs a holistic solution.


If eye-care is done in style, it’s at CFS Vision. 

Why? Because we have leading eyewear brands that cater to your styling needs too! 

Choose from our wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, blue cut zero computer glasses, with exquisite designs and colours for kids, youngsters and adults- that stand out in untampered quality and unwavering care.

  • Wide range of stylish Eyeglasses.
  • Trending Sunglasses 
  • Untampered quality and unwavering care.
  • High-quality contact lenses for all ages with doctor consultation.


From the Chairman's Desk

In keeping with our philosophy, “Every Eye Deserves The Best”, we at CFS Vision have always strived to offer a holistic eyecare to our ophthalmic patients. We have consistently been at the forefront of delivering world-class eye-wear and specialized eye -care services. Taking this vision forward, we are expanding our footprints across India where by 2027 we will be 500 + CFS Vision stores strong!


At CFS Vision, we feel a sense of pride in our specialist team of meticulously handpicked from premier institutions across the country. Our ophthalmologists have received several national and international recognition for their achievements in the field of eye care. What makes CFS Vision stand out is its endeavour to provide a 360-degree approach i.e., personalized eye-care and eye-wear solutions all under one roof!










 Prof. Dr Mahipal S Sachdev (Padma Shri Awardee)

Chairman & Medical Director

CFS Vision and Centre for Sight Group of Eye Hospitals